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A couple of months ago, Panasonic notified authorized service centers of a warranty extension on SC board replacement for Panasonic Plasmas that have a 7 blink failure. I have spent several hours now searching the internet for notice of the recall and have come up with nothing, including on Panasonic 's site.

I must tell you, I am more than a little shocked. I have found many complaints, many threats to start a class action lawsuit, but no one that claims to know about the warranty extension. Panasonic made the lofty claim that their plasma televisions would last for 40, to 60, hours of life. Owner's of the models have found that 2, to 5, hours would have been more realistic. A common cause of "death" is the 7 blink failure.

Most commonly, the SC board is the culprit. Panasonic has received enough complaints that they have decided to issue a voluntary warranty extension to replace the SC board. However, they have chosen not to publicize it. So your Panasonic Plasma has no picture or sound and the standby light is blinking 7 times, what next? Let them know what the problem with your tv is and that your are aware of the SC board warranty extension.

They will issue you a customer case number and refer you to an authorized service center. When you speak to the service center give them your case number and tell them you would like them to arrive with the SC board. Now, here comes the part that will make most of you unhappy. If it turns out that the SC board was not the problem, you are then responsible for paying the servicer their trip charge and diagnostic time.

If the SC board resolves it, you are home free and the servicer should not charge you anything. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Just had my router and set top box replaced yesterday so my tv notturning on this morning was a shock.

Thank goodness this tip worked!!! Akida's method does not work, we are here because we have a bit of trouble, but Akida and a few are joking here. In that case, the TV ignored the remote control.

Maybe Akida knows how to do a miracle! Please praise us with your method. We're kind of stupid, so explain us wise, how are we doing? Holding power button on tv down for 1 minute worked!

Have had the red blinking light many times. Finally an easy solution! Thanks to the person who said they turned their tv off for 24 hours. I think it just overheated as it was a hot, humid night.

Worth a try. Panasonic is a top rated brand and in my book, 11 years is a pretty good run.

I have been reading and am trying the tricks to avoid replacing its parts. I love my 50"Panasonic! My morning routine is to turn on the tv and then start the coffee.Quick Links. See also: Owner's Manual. Table of Contents. Smart viera 60" class ut50 series full hd 3d plasma hdtv The power LED on the front panel will flash a pattern indicating the circuit that has failed.

Code No. Start Here Code No. Connect the negative Black Bluetooth tooth module. Remove any residual charge from the Vsus and Vda lines. Use a 5W ohms resistor. Measure the resistance between chassis ground and pin 1 of connector P11 on the P board.

Also measure the resistance between chassis ground and pin 1 of connector P35 on the P board. Measure the resistance between pin Vsus 1 of connector P11 and ground Chassis With P2 and P11 disconnected, Is there a measure the resistance between short Also check the ribbon cables and connectors on the A and C boards.

Is also possible for the SS board to cause 7 blinks shutdown on this model. Wait at least 2 minutes before the removal of any connector. Unplug SU41 and SD Plug in the TV and press the power switch.

Panasonic TC-P50ST50 Troubleshooting Manual

Unplug the TV and follow step 2 of the previous slide. Do not attempt to isolate the SU or the SD boards individually. P50UT50 on the next slide Code No.

Make sure they are properly seated in the connectors. Page 29 No. Disconnect the speakersRemember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 15 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It turned off, then the red LED flashed seven times, continuously.

Panasonic TC-P50ST50 Troubleshooting Manual

A google search found a large number of people with the same issue, but this was on '08 built TV's. After doing so, all came good. It was actually a thread on this very forum, but it was a slightly different TV model. Issue is, for every person that replaces this part and gets it to work, there is another bloke who does the same and it doesn't work. Apparently, the seven blinks can relate to a few boards. How do I test to see which board it is? On a side note, which may be related, the fan directly above the possibly faulty board has been noisy for a while.

panasonic 8 blinks of death

I have cleaned it a couple of times, but it always remains noisy. Could the possibly faulty board have over-heated from a dodgy fan? Thanks for any help. Patiently waits for reply from Chriss When I explained to the guy what avatar I wanted, that wasn't what I meant!

Originally Posted by iwacelect. Originally Posted by Cubic I am pretty competent at this stuff, as I've built a few PC's, played with electronics and am an electrician by trade. Also, this youtube clip is a help. If it's just a case of swapping out a PCB, then I may as well have a go.Grassroots blog designed to consolidate comments from consumers who purchased defective Panasonic plasma television sets between and Name: Aaron D.

Location: San Antonio, Texas Problem: Approximately eighteen months ago, I purchased a 42 inch plasma Panasonic television from Sears model number: 42pz77u. The picture quality was fantastic, and the television performed flawlessly. On Saturday morning, the television displayed the infamous "seven blinking red lights of death" and died.

When we attempt to turn on the unit, the only thing that happens is that the red light on the front of the television blinks seven times. We have swapped out power cords and switched the television to different outlets, but nothing has worked. The unit is dead. After consulting Google for several hours, I determined that this particular line of Panasonic plasma sets is prone to power supply failures. In fact, if one searches Google with the phrase "My plasma television will not turn on," most of the top-level search results are from people who have had problems with these Panasonic models.

Apparently, these sets are notorious for being released with faulty power management. The "back-light inverter board" is said to be the source of the problem. Unfortunately, it's not easy to track down and replace the problematic board.

When one factors in parts and labor, it almost makes sense to buy a new television set. Has power light blinking 10 times as of Friday, July 3. Seems too much of a coincidence that most of the reports I've seen about these issues are for sets that are just out of warranty by months.

panasonic 8 blinks of death

Power light started blinking 10 times as of today, July 19, This is just plain wrong. My major issue is price. Image quality is pretty much comparable to me, but price wise, Plasma is the winner.

But with your comments, I am starting to question it.Panasonic TCPU54 8 blinks picture flashes then dead. When I plug it in, I can hear the click of a relay. When the power button is pressed, the screen comes on for a second, then shuts down and then the LED blinks 8 times.

I unplugged the SS board and then there is a solid light, no blinks but no picture at all. So I replaced the SS board and there is still the same problem. I am leaning toward the SC board being the problem. When I unplug everything from it, there is still 8 blinks when the TV is turned on. Does anyone have any thoughts? JPG 1. I believe this is just a Panasonic? Heh, the newer ones don't seem to last Questions via PM will not be answered.

Post on the forums instead! Thanks for the reply. The service manual you posted is for a TV that has some different boards. This TV has only one SS board. I do appreciate it though. The documentation should be broadly useful, though 8 blink diagnosis in particular -- I'll try and track down some other documents for you.

The manual has a great flow chart for the 8 blink problem, but when I follow it with this TV, it has me check the 1 and 2 pins on the SS52 through SS57 connectors on the SS board. When I do this, I have continuity where I should. On that flow chart, it leads me to replace the SS2 board. There is not a Ss2 board on this set. Where does it say replace SS2? I only see replace SS? On UT50 guide. ST50 has SS2.

Last edited by tom66; at AM. This is on the second page of the 8 blink flow chart. After reading that, I am kind of thinking it might be the A board?Grassroots blog designed to consolidate comments from consumers who purchased defective Panasonic plasma television sets between and There is however only a 30 day parts and labor guarantee on this repair. I'm still nervous everytime I turn it on. I will continue to update.

Have unplugged it from the wall and hope by morning it will work as tomorrow is Saturday and my husband spends it watching college football. In our case the TV worked all day.

My husband turned it off when he went to bed and when I tried turning it on the darned red light was blinking. Crossing my fingers - we are still under warranty if this doesn't work. I have contacted Panasonic and I'm waiting for a reply. I'll post the outcome. After less than 10 hours of use on my new 50" there is a huge black vertical bar through my screen.

I see now these are a problem. Wish I had read this before I bought it last week. Waiting to see if Panasonic will replace the defective tv.

Followup to October 2 blog entry. It seems that Panasonic has a really stupid policy of ignoring the "blinking light". I called, got the nice lady on the telephone, made an appointment and finally were able to have the tech come out today Thursday. Dumb me, I thought since I had told the nice lady that the light was blinking twice to indicate a dead SOS D Board whatever that is the tech would have such an animal ready to install to fix the set.

Seems even though the TV set has the intelligence to say what's wrong with it the folks at Panasonic ignore that and send the tech to "diagnose" the problem anyway. The tech spent nearly an hour poking and prodding and came up with the same diagnosis the TV set already provided The tech said he would have to order the part. If that does not fix the problem we will be asking for a replacement.

We had bought the Panasonic partly out of brand loyalty but that is being severely tested. Lately I've had to pull the plug and wait overnight to get it back on.

Did the email thing to Panasonic and although the say they'll email back within 2 to 3 days I've yet to hear from them. Thanks for this blog but my expectations are pretty low. Sure am glad that prices have dropped so much but I won't purchase a new panny that's for sure. Thanks Bob G. They came to pick up our 50" set almost two weeks ago Seems the first board they replaced wasn't the problem so they had to take it into the shop to "do the job right".

I called yesterday and was told that they had ordered two boards from Panasonic and only one had arrived as of then.

panasonic 8 blinks of death

That makes three defective boards. Hopefully the replacement parts will be better than the originals. The downer was that the guy at the repair shop said these sets only last 4 years. Since we got an extended warranty it looks like at the end of the line we will be buying a new set - figure by then everything will be different. Panasonic has a great picture and the screen is rated to lasthours. Too bad the components aren't strong enough to do so.

Wow - after being very pleased with the quality of my th42pz77u for the year and a half or so, I came home to see the red blinking light, and now see that it is apparently a common problem, but not yet acknowledged by Panasonic.This morning our four and half year old Panasonic plasma TV died.

After turning its power button on, normal burst of a several green fast blinks of power indicator appeared and two slow red blinks followed. No picture were present, fans off, power indicator off.

Instead it seems like some kind of safety test failure. There are two of them as there are two main step down converters in this PSU. Used capacitors are probably 1uF SMD ceramic, generally available. Their purpose is purely to filter possible harsh voltage.

To remove this capacitors just use any available soldering station and heat them up, as they are really small they will probably lift off and stick to your soldering tip. Get your telly back together and well. Why does it works? I believe that these capacitors degraded in time and temperature as well as used ICs and together caused this trouble. As inside TEATs are no power transistors they should be fine.

How to Fix a Panasonic Plasma TV with 7 Blinks (TC-P55ST30) (TNPA5340) (TNPA5341)

What happened to these capacitors? After I will measure them back in lab I will update this post. Blog Bronislav Robenek. Bronislav Robenek Ask me anything. I removed these caps and voila TV repaired! Finally picture of the A30C5 without blocking caps: Why does it works?

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