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One thing that I really must draw your attention to for these starting 6 classes is the remarkable increase in intricacy that they have! The designers are showing a steadfast amount of faith in the fan base and their attention to detail, as the rules for these classes and by extension, the possibilities are far more numerous than the starting 6 from Gloomhaven.

For context, this comes right after the announcement of Jaws of the Lion, which is designed to lessen the difficulty and therefore entice a more casual group of boardgamers into the Gloomhaven realm. There are classes with multiple initiatives, multiple action decks, shadows, persistent abilities, and more. Our friend the Aesther Necromancer will hold onto that piece of Gloomhaven posterity for us.

They draw power from those planes, and in the instance of our newly-discovered comrade here use it to animate corpses and raise the dead to do their bidding. But before you sigh and move on to the next section, allow me to spare you the anguish and reassure you that the mechanic around summons has changed in this instance.

The summons are going to have standees that come in the character box! Your Shambling Skeleton is going to be an honest-to-Great-Oak member of the team that you can see and move, and weep for him when he gets killed immediately. In order to bring life to these dead corpses she must sacrifice a sliver of her own fragmented soul. Damage from attacks will mean no health to power the summoning, which will mean fewer options for actions and eventually more damage from attacks.

That is going to make recovering from the whole raising-the-dead ritual reeeally difficult. This is definitely a class that is going to test your ability to manage health, avoid damage, and plan out your initiatives.

Sidenote : Originally, the Necromancer was a human and was going to be in Jaws of the Lion, which I mentioned in the intro, but the creator s decided to pull her out and make her a starting class in Frosthaven. The Quatryl Blink Blade is the next in our Frosthaven Starting 6, and is a small assassin kitted out with a suit of machinery that can alter the flow of time. He can speed up or slow down time to make his actions incredibly quick, but it has to be done in short bursts, and therefore in moderation.

As a result of this newly introduced concept of speed manipulation there is a special rule for the Blink Blade. This is tracked through the use of counters — when you use Fast, you remove a counter from the card, when you use Slow you add a counter onto the card. You can charge up to 5 through other abilities.

The first impression of the starting cards for the Quatryl Blink Blade is one of sheer complexity, but I get the feeling it may not really be as bad as people think. It looks rough because each card has 4 actions and 2 initiatives on it. A top action for Fast, one for Slow, then a bottom action for Fast and another for Slow.

Embrace them, harness them, and use them to dispatch frozen lumps of fur, horns, and teeth into the abyss. This is still definitely the most complex class within the Frosthaven Starting 6, which would be great for a diehard player looking to hone their skills and widen their choices.The Spellweaver is the mage of the Gloomhaven starting characters.

She harnesses the power of elements to deal damage. This Spellweaver guide focuses on the area of effect build and strategy. This article is a complete guide to building a Spellweaver focused on area of effect damage. It goes through every level from 1 to 9, and assesses the cards at each level for how well they fit with the AoE build, and then we choose the deck for that level.

This post may link to online stores. If you click a link and buy something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. See my Affiliate Disclosure for more details. This guide does not contain campaign spoilers or items beyond starting items.

cragheart level 7 cards

What is rarer, is a character that can consistently hit several monsters at once. For my group, it was more effective to have the Spellweaver play as an area of effect damage dealer. My role was to get in some damage across monster mobs steadily weakening them over time, while my allies focus on getting rid of bad guys one by one. If the spells in your hand rely on too many different elements it gives you much less flexibility in what you can play to setup spells. With a build focussing on just two elements, in this build, Ice and Fire, you have several ways to generate each element and several spells which consume them.

This gives you more flexibility in what you play on each turn so you can play spells which better suit the situation and still generate elements. I kept a summon with me from level 1 to level 9. And if things get really bad, you have a meat shield you can use to help you get out of there!

Range 3 or higher is the sweet spot for us. It gives you Advantage on your until the end of your next turn. Play it early in turn 1 and enjoy choosing your preferred modifier for every monster in your AoE zone on that turn and the next! The Spellweaver has a really interesting ability — to recover all lost cards.

Even with a hand limit of 8, she actually has higher stamina than characters with more cards if played effectively. If you used no loss cards at all in the scenario, only took short rests and you never selected Reviving Ether and had to discard another card and used your Reviving Ether when you ran out of cards completely, you would last for 28 turns.

You want to play those loss abilities! They are beasts. A more balanced way to play and an easy rule to remember is to play one loss card per rest cycle. It looks like this. With a Stamina potion you can gain 2 discarded cards back to add another round to this sequence. Taking long rests instead of short rests can increase the number of rounds too.

You may just want to take the chance on not losing them, or take more long rests so you can choose which cards to discard. In this build guide, the deck at each level has at least the minimum number of 3 repeatable cards. There are 27 cards in the Spellweaver deck across levels 1 to 9.Proud and fiercely independent, its people are born warriors, with a strong raiding culture. While there are many individual tribes within the Freljord, the battle lines are being drawn in a three-way civil war that will determine the future of them all.

One tribe unflinchingly honors the traditions that have ensured its survival; another follows the dream of a united future, as foretold by a young idealist ; while the third worships the power of an enigmatic sorceress.

Freljord is also the only place where True Ice can be found. The Freljord is a harsh and unforgiving place—where the people are born warriors, who must persevere against all odds. Many thousands of years ago, the alliance between the sisters Avarosa, Serylda, and Lissandra was shattered in a war that unknowingly threatened all of Runeterra, plunging the northern lands into chaos, and near-constant winter. Now, only those truly exceptional mortals who seem immune to the ravages of fire or ice seem destined, or able, to lead.

Despite the best efforts of the Frostguardmyths and legends still endure of the old gods, the enigmatic yetisand restless spirit walker shamans. The raiders of the Winter's Claw range further with each passing year, harrying the borders of Demacia to the south, and the frontiers of Noxus to the east.

Finally, seeking a more peaceful future, the fractious independent tribes and clans have begun to offer their allegiance to Asheyoung queen of the Avarosans.

Even so, the portents are grim. War is surely returning to the Freljord, and none can hope to escape it. Long before the arrival of the mortal races, the demi-gods manifested from supernatural forces formed the land they called Vorrijaard. While the truth about how they did it remains unclear, many tales have been passed down over generations. In the days of the first tribes, wild magic ran rampant. The demi-gods were widely venerated and worshipped.

A long-lost populace was known as the Hearthblood, apprentices who journeyed from all corners of Valoranand gathered on the slopes of Hearth-Home to learn from Ornndemi-god of the forge.

Despite this imitative form of worship, Ornn never considered himself their patron. He would only give them curt nods or frowns when they offered up their work, and yet the Hearthblood accepted this and were determined to hone their skills.

As a result, they came to create the finest tools, design the sturdiest structures, and brew the tastiest ales the world had ever beheld. They believed Ornn secretly approved of their perseverance, and the fact that they were always looking to better themselves in their craft.There are six starting classes in Gloomhaven which all play very differently. This post may link to online stores.

cragheart level 7 cards

If you click a link and buy something, I may get a commission at no extra cost to you. See my Affiliate Disclosure for more details.

I chose my Gloomhaven starting class based on the logo on the box and it was fun… to begin with. I recommend you read this guide so you can choose a Gloomhaven starting class that sounds fun to you. A complex melee character that can buff allies and weaken monsters with mind control and summon a melee ally.

A mage which uses elemental magic to blast monsters from a distance and who can summon a ranged ally. A versatile support class with heals and buffs, who does damage with crazy items, potions and contraptions. Then I look at the damage, experience points, looting, health, initiative, movement, stamina, starting cards, perks and why I rank it where I do.

From this point on, this guide has pictures of each character board, their miniature and the Level 1 and X starting ability cards. The Scoundrel is your rogue type.

With her stealth abilities and quick movement, no-one even sees her when she dashes through the room! Aptly named the Scoundrel, she always has one eye on the loot and can grab it before it even touches the floor!

Playing the Scoundrel feels like playing a ninja. The cards encourage you to dart in, do your thing and dash away again. You will be using your quick hands to grab way more loot than the rest of your party. The Scoundrel can deal massive damage in the right circumstances. All she needs is to engage monsters that are adjacent to allies. No monsters adjacent to allies? Then her damage will be average.

Gloomhaven Classes – Starting Characters Overview and Rank

You can see from the starting cards that the focus is on melee, poison, and moving swiftly. Experience points are pretty easy to come by as the Scoundrel. The Scoundrel can collect loot when it is a couple of hexes away and even as she casually strolls through hexes on her way to somewhere else.

The low health amount encourages you to play as designed. Hit and get out of there! She has one healing ability which she can only use on herself.Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals.

The game is meant to be played as part of a campaign, where a group of players will use the accompanying Scenario Book to string together a series of adventures, unlocking new content for the game as they progress. Any revealed scenario, however, can also function as a highly variable stand-alone experience. A modular board of map tiles aconstructed in a specific configuration using the Scenario Book as a reference. The map tiles should be laid out with doors b connecting them. The configuration of overlay tiles and monsters for the first room c should also be set up along with the character figures.

A character mat for each player d and the corresponding hand of ability cards for that character's class ehealth and experience trackers fcharacter tokens ga facedown battle goal card hand any equipped item cards i. All monster statistic cards jwith their corresponding standees, and monster ability cards k set to one side in individual shuffled decks.

Shuffled decks of attack modifier cards for each player i and one for the monsters m.

Gloomhaven Game Rules

A standard attack modifier deck consists of twenty cards as shown at the top of the page, not the characterspecific modifier cards found in the character boxes. A deck, however, may be modified by level-up bonuses, items, scenario effects, and the effects of the curse and bless conditions.

Piles of damage tokens nmoney tokens oand condition tokens p. The elemental infusion table q with all six elements set in the "Inert" column. When a player begins their journey with the game, he or she will select one of the available character classes to play.

Only one copy of each character class can be played in any given scenario. Each class has a unique set of abilities, so this is an important decision to make. When the box is first opened, the BruteTinkererSpellweaverScoundrelCragheartand Mindthief are available. Once a character class has been chosen, the player takes the corresponding character mat, character tokens, and that character's starting hand of Level 1 ability cards from the larger tuck box containing the character's symbol, as well as the miniature contained in the smaller character tuck box.

A portrait aicon band name c of the class. Indicators of the maximum hit points at each level d of the class. Players should use tracking dials e to track their hit points f and experience g during a scenario. Designations along the border j for where to place discarded, lost, and active cards. The reference number of the event cards k added to each deck when the character class is unlocked not present on the six starting classes and of event cards l added the first time the character class retires.

When setting up a new scenario, the first step is to look in the scenario book to set up the map tiles and prepare all the monster types you will be fighting. Then read the introduction text and apply any negative scenario effects from the "Special Rules" section.

Next, two battle goals should be dealt to each player, one of which will be discarded.The updated FAQ thread can be found here. This is the official FAQ for all Gloomhaven-related issues. If this page is out of date, the original always takes precedence. This should be your first resource if you have any questions, and if a question is not here, simply ask it at the original thread, and Isaac will add it to the list if it fits.

This list will constantly grow and be updated over time.

cragheart level 7 cards

This list will be broken into several sections, separated by large bold text. The first is major errata, important changes or additions to the rules. The second is general rules, where you can find all your basic rules questions. I'll try to break it up into smaller sections for easier navigation. No spoiler text will be used in the general rules section, as it shouldn't be needed. The next section, personal quests, deals with questions common to the goals given by these cards. I will try to keep the information general so spoilers aren't needed.

Next is a section on specific monster stat and ability cards. If you have questions about the wording of a card, look here. This section will be broken up by monster name, so the whole section will be covered in a blanket spoiler. In the case of bosses, as an extra precaution, they will be labeled as "Scenario XX Boss" instead of using their name.

Behind the blanket spoiler, each monster section will also be in a spoiler window. Next is a section on specific scenario rules. Each scenario section will be labeled as "Scenario XX" and will have its own spoiler window. The next section is for questions on specific character ability cards or general questions about each character's functionality i. Each character will be labeled by their icon to avoid spoilers, and the character's section will be behind a spoiler window.

Next are questions about specific item cards. Item cards will be labeled by their item number, which is written on the back of the card. Each item will have a separate spoiler tag. The last section is for heavy spoiler questions outside the scope of the other sections, probably related to the other sealed envelopes or things of that nature. This gets tricky, so the whole section will be under a blanket spoiler, each answer will also be in a spoiler window and I will try to word the questions such that they are specific, but still don't give away too much information if you are reading it by mistake.

Don't go clicking around in the spoiler windows unless you actually have a question about that topic. Major Errata. This effect is cumulative, so when a player retires their second character, their next character would gain two additional perks. Though this effect is applied to playersif one player is controlling multiple characters at once in a campaign like for solo play, for instancethey should consider each "hand" they control a different player for this bonus.

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Gloomhaven Mindthief Guide Frost Warrior Build [beginner tips and character guide]

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